Technical Service SLA Services - Denker Electronic is a company specializing in barcode and software technologies in retailing.

Technical Service SLA Services

Technical Service SLA Services



  • Our company specializes in delivering comprehensive software and hardware support services tailored to Toshiba and HP cash register systems and peripherals.
  • Functioning as an esteemed 'HP Power Services Partner', we extend warranty services for HP cash registers, acting as the authorized service provider on behalf of HP.
  • Our service offerings encompass varying Service Level Agreement (SLA) tiers, contingent upon the terms outlined in the contractual agreements.
  • Operating across the entirety of Turkey, our expansive coverage is facilitated through a network of proficient subcontractors.
  • Our dedicated team of field technicians meticulously records all transactions in real time. This meticulous documentation process empowers our contracted clientele to access, review and promptly report malfuntion records and service statuses through our sophisticated web portal. This seamless integration of technology ensures that our clients can monitor their systems` performance and swiftly address any issues that may arise, thereby optimizing the overall efficiency of their cash register hardware and peripherals.


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