PERIPHERALS - Denker Electronic is a company specializing in barcode and software technologies in retailing.


Denpos is an Android-based point of sale application developed by Denker Elektronik.
Denpos, which was developed by taking into account the pros and cons of the solutions available on the market, is your greatest assistant at the point of sale.
Combining the basic requirements of the point of sale with the agility and ease of use of the Android operating system, the software provides significant advantages over classical POS solutions. Hardware requirements are extremely low. It can work on all devices above Android 8.1. Depending on the desired architecture, it may eliminate the need to have a separate PC in the store.
Even though it is Android, it has the ability to work offline.

With its central management infrastructure and different integration layer design, it can be integrated and operated in all existing systems, regardless of database and ERP.
By juxtaposing different user interface boxes like Lego, it can be used for sales operations of all sizes in all retail areas such as markets, textiles and DIY markets.
Denpos allows you to protect your investment while growing your business.

In addition to basic sales functions, it increases the efficiency of your sales point with hundreds of special functions such as campaigns, promotions, coupons, document search engines, automatic returns and exchanges, customer management, loyalty card points and gift cards. At the same time, features such as virtual product, collection, mobile payment, e-archive/e-invoice/e-delivery note support and duty free can be integrated.
Extensive authorization features are available based on store, cash register and cashier.