GENIUS 2 - Denker Electronic is a company specializing in barcode and software technologies in retailing.


Pos A.Ş. proudly presents Genius2, a software solution designed to meet the exact needs and expectations of the retail industry. It stands as a paramount contribution, boasting a robust infrastructure and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

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The App That Grows With You


Genius2 is a high-performance, fiscally approved software package that caters to the multifaceted demands of retail business. With a rich array of functions, it is a versatile solution well-suited for retailers of all sizes. Key attributes of Genius2 encompass streamlined store management, and advanced data structure, seamless online and offline operation, robust security components, sophisticated promotion and campaign support, as well as dedicated coupon/voucher and customer loyalty card modules.


         Key Components Include:

  • GeniusPOS: A comprehensive sales program designed to run on your POS devices.
  • GeniusOffice: A multifunctional software package responsible, for store management, balancing, and reporting.
  • Central Management Module: Providing centralized oversight and control.
  • Genius Promotion Module: Empowering you to create and manage your promotional campaigns with ease.
  • Customer & Points Module: Seamlessly integrating with any CRM system, enabling efficient management.

Genius2 is the epitome of adaptability, offering a solution that evolves in tandem with your retail operations. It is a versatile and powerful tool that grows with you, ensuring that your retail business remains agile, efficient, and competitive in an ever-changing market. Choose Genius2 for a solution that not only meets but exceeds your retail needs.